Are your parishioners hearing the message?

An acoustically treated room is integral to any modern house of worship. It is not rocket science (for us). Reverberation (echo) is normally the issue! This problem affects speech intelligibility. Plain and simple! AMS specializes in helping churches and houses of worship solve this simple acoustical issue in a simple manner with inexpensive materials. Whether a sanctuary, a childcare room, or a gymnasium within the facility…the acoustical issue is usually always the same.

Why should you reach out to Acoustic Material Supply and skip the internet?  We have found this to be akin to a deep-space black hole, and quite frankly very comical. The information found here is outright ludicrous in most instances! Ever try to diagnose a sore throat by getting on the internet? Well of course you have! By the time you are finished, you are pretty sure you are dying of throat cancer.

No, we don’t need to visit your facility, because we don’t need any practice. We have treated hundreds of these spaces. Gateway, Life Church, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and many of the largest churches in the country. Besides, acoustics is all about math and science. You describe the acoustical issue, and then you provide us with a few pictures of the space, along with Height, Width, and Length dimensions. We then perform a mathematical equation that tells us exactly how much treatment is needed to solve your acoustics issue. Done!

AMS Acoustical Wall Panels, AMS EconoLine Acoustical Wall Panels, AMS Acoustical Diffusers, AMS EconoLine Acoustical Baffles, and AMS Acoustical Ceiling Tiles. These are just some of the materials that we typically recommend for church settings.

We specialize in the field of acoustics.

Take our word for it, trying to figure out your acoustical issues and what materials to use on the internet is a web of deception that you need not waste your time with.

A much better idea is to speak with someone who specializes in the field of acoustics. No?

Acoustics professionals are trained in areas such as noise transfer, reverberation, and other acoustical issues.

Here at Acoustic Material Supply we truly want to help solve your acoustic problems, and it’s not rocket surgery for us. A few pictures and some dimensions are all we need. We will make acoustical material recommendations that will help mitigate your noise and sound control issues and save you time and money doing so.

Save yourself some mental anguish and request information here or call Acoustic Material Supply.