We all know that an obnoxiously loud restaurant or bar can be bad for business. A few bad reviews on Yelp and unfortunately you'll see your foot traffic drop. There is even a phone app that customers can now use that lets them know if your establishment has been red flagged as “Too Loud”. So unfair, isn’t it? Zagat even says that bad acoustics and noise are the #1 reason a customer will not come back to your establishment, ranked even higher than poor service or not so good food. We didn’t make this stuff up…Google it!

Don’t fret though, Acoustic Material Supply has you covered. Solving these common noise issues is not some mystical challenge where we need to drop everything and run to your location to “investigate”! We are professionals in the field of acoustics and do not need any practice, your problem “is not unique”. We’ve treated hundreds of the finest restaurants in the country without ever stepping foot in them. It is typically a similar noise issue and not rocket-science.

The problem is, pure and simple, excessive reverberation (echo) due to hard reflective surfaces affecting speech intelligibility. Nothing more, nothing less. Provide a few pictures, along with H x W x L dimensions and we use a mathematical equation to determine “how much absorption treatment” is required to mitigate the noise issues and keep customers coming back.

One caveat to what has been mentioned above, if you do not provide what we ask for…we can’t help you solve the noise issues, so help us…help you! Guessing how much treatment you need without utilizing the math and science around acoustic issues and noise problems is like throwing darts at a dart board blindfolded, not good results.

Acoustic Material Supply offers a myriad of absorption materials to mitigate unwanted reverberation including many flavors of Acoustical Wall Panels, Acoustical Ceiling Clouds, Acoustical Baffles, and Acoustical Wood Slat Panels. Your choices are endless!

  1. My architect recommended we do this…Well, architects are smart, but they often lack in-depth knowledge of acoustics, or they would have specified acoustical materials when the restaurant was designed. Sometimes they do know what they are talking about if they have collaborated with an acoustical engineer upfront (acoustical engineers do not sell materials). We often collaborate with architects on projects and provide continuing education credits which are required for licensing. We do recommend they help design complicated layouts unless you have already done so. We do not do layouts, which is on you and why our materials are so inexpensive. We will however point out where the materials should be placed within the space.
  2. My contractor said we should do this…Contractors are just that, contractors. They have less knowledge in the field of acoustics than architects…much less! Contractors rely on Acoustic Material Supply not only for materials but for guidance on helping solve their customers acoustic and noise control problems, and we work with the largest contractors in the world. We not only supply materials for their projects, but we utilize them for layout, design, and installation services. Again, trust an expert in acoustics. It is
    what we do!
  3. The Internet…Trying to diagnose your acoustic issues online is like diagnosing a sore throat and ending up convinced you have throat cancer.

Trust the experts instead.

Our team of acoustics professionals are here to assist you. Again, all we need are some pictures and dimensions, and we will then be able to recommend the right acoustical materials to solve your problems while saving you time and money.

Do not endure the mental anguish of trying to diagnose acoustic issues any longer. Reach out to Acoustic Material Supply.