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AMS acoustical solutions are designed to treat interior ceilings and walls for acoustical issues such as excessive reverberation (echo) or noise transfer (privacy between spaces). Offices, Restaurants, Educational Facilities, Classrooms, Music Rooms, Cafeterias, Gymnasiums, Churches & Houses of Worship, Manufacturing Facilities, Waiting Areas, or any space that experiences excessive noise or sound control challenges.

Acoustic Material Supply offers an extensive line of products; Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Panels, Raw Acoustical Board, Acoustical Ceiling Clouds, High NRC Acoustical Ceiling Tiles, Noise Barrier Ceiling Tiles, Acoustical Ceiling Baffles & Banners, Acoustical Diffusers, Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier, Installation Fasteners, and much more. *If you want pretty and expensive acoustical materials, we can source those too!

Request a quote today or call one of our experts in the field of acoustics. We will be happy to steer you in the right direction and recommend the right acoustical solution for your application. We are a no BS organization and only want to help. No fluff, just the facts about what materials you may want to use and how much you need. We also welcome contractors, architects, designers, or anyone else that has questions to reach out.

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Our complete line of AMS Custom Acoustical Solotions are designed to solve your acoustic issues at a fair price, while keeping the design aspects and aesthetic look of your space top of mind.  Contact us today.

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