Acoustical materials should always be top of mind in any Auditorium, Concert Venue, Band Hall, or Event Center. These spaces will all have varying degrees of acoustical challenges that need to be addressed.

A few bad reviews on Yelp, a band that disliked the acoustics in the concert venue, a scheduled seminar where the audience could not hear the presenter…not good. Bands will typically refuse to play at the venue again if it’s discovered to have bad acoustics, and concert attendees will decide to not attend that venue again. Happens all the time.

These spaces usually have one thing in common, excessive reverberation (echo) that affects speech intelligibility due to high ceilings and hard reflective surfaces. The good news is that this particular issue is easily solved by adding the correct amount of absorptive materials in the recommended areas to tame the reverberation (echo) and providing diffusion, if necessary.

How do we determine where to put the acoustical materials and how much you need? Pictures and simple H x W x L dimensions of the room…and no, we do not have to come out to the venue. The reason we need these is that acoustically treating a room is about math. What does the math say? We’ve treated hundreds of these spaces nationally
over the last 20 years and don’t need any practice. It’s what we do. We are acoustics professionals.

We do, however, realize when a space needs additional help. We have relationships with many of the top acoustical engineering firms in the world. These professionals are at the top of the food chain in the acoustics industry and sometimes noise studies are needed to correctly treat the room. Acoustical Engineers do not sell materials, they are engineers and use very high dollar equipment to determine all variables of the room.

Here at Acoustic Material Supply we will be the first to tell you to bring an engineer in on your project. You would then use the acoustical engineers’ findings on what kind of treatment to use, where to put it, then you buy the materials they recommend…hopefully from us since we will beat any competitors pricing provided, they are “like” materials.

Our team of acoustics professionals are here to assist you. Again, all we need are pictures and dimensions, we will then be able to access the situation, recommend the right acoustical materials to solve your acoustic problems, or direct you to the appropriate acoustical engineering firm to help. All while saving you time and money.

Do not endure the mental anguish of trying to diagnose acoustic issues yourself any longer. Reach out to Acoustic Material Supply.