Commercial applications typically present two very simple acoustics issues to solve with acoustical materials.
  1. Excessive Reverberation (echo). This is due to hard reflective surfaces and high open ceilings in today’s modern workspaces. This affects speech intelligibility and makes it hard to even talk on the phone. AMS recommends absorption materials such as AMS Acoustical Wall Panels, AMS Acoustical Ceiling Clouds, or a combination of both. These acoustical materials are specifically designed to tame unwanted reverberation (echo) and improve speech intelligibility.
  2. Noise Transfer or Noise Flanking. Privacy issues or unwanted noise escaping into adjoining offices is almost always present in the workplace and typically is not a good thing. This phenomenon is usually due to drywall not going to the ceiling deck and stopping at the drop-tile ceiling grid, demising walls that are poorly constructed, or gaps under doors. Did you know a 1% gap allows 50% of the noise to escape? True story! These issues are not solved with absorbers. You must use mass or seal the gaps. AMS Barrier Ceiling Tiles, AMS Barrier Ceiling Tiles Covers, Mass Loaded Vinyl barrier with two layers of drywall, or Acoustical Door Seal Kits are the correct acoustical solutions to properly treat the issue. You don’t always need all these materials…but you might.
  • Conference Rooms
  • Private Offices
  • Call Centers
  • Lunch & Break Rooms
  • Lobbies & Waiting Areas
  • HVAC & Machinery Noise

Why should you reach out to Acoustic Material Supply and skip the internet?  We have found this to be akin to a deep-space black hole, and quite frankly very comical. The information found here is outright ludicrous in most instances! Ever try to diagnose a sore throat by getting on the internet? Well of course you have! By the time you are finished, you are pretty sure you are dying of throat cancer.

Take our word for it, trying to figure out your acoustical issues and what materials to use on the internet is a web of deception that you need not waste your time with.

A much better idea is to speak with someone who specializes in the field of acoustics. No?

Acoustics professionals are trained in areas such as noise transfer, reverberation, and other acoustical issues.

Here at Acoustic Material Supply we truly want to help solve your acoustic problems, and it’s not rocket surgery for us. A few pictures and some dimensions are all we need. We will make acoustical material recommendations that will help mitigate your noise and sound control issues and save you time and money doing so.

Save yourself some mental anguish and request information here or call Acoustic Material Supply.