AMS® Noise Barrier Ceiling Tile Covers

AMS® Noise Barrier Ceiling Tile Covers Reduce Noise Transfer Between Rooms

All that traditional acoustical drop ceiling tiles accomplish is reducing reverberation and echo "minimally" within a space by absorbing unwanted noise in the occupied space below. But what about the crawl space above the tiles? Well, this poses a huge noise issue and creates noise flanking when the drywall stops at the existing drop ceiling tile grid. A 1% gap allows 50% of the noise to escape into the crawl space above and flank into adjoining areas/rooms.

Noise absorbers DO NOT BLOCK NOISE...and insulation is an absorber, not a noise barrier. Think of it this way, did you ever own a Sony Walkman? What were the headphones covered with? Foam (absorber)! Could you hear through the foam, ...of course you could. Ever take one of the pieces of foam off? Well if you did, the music would have sounded grainy and terrible, to be frank. This is because the foam was an absorber that was doing exactly what it was supposed to, absorbing the grainy sound so that the music sounded better! Our point has now been made...insulation will not stop noise flanking or transfer if the drywall in your room stops at the ceiling tile grid because of gaps in the grid.

Whether the undesirable noise transfer is a private conversation, noise from pipes/ducts, or HVAC compressors in the ceiling, AMS Noise Barrier Ceiling Tile Covers are the perfect acoustical solution and by far the most effective way to minimize noise transfer between rooms.

AMS Noise Barrier Ceiling Tile Covers will effectively block sound transmission through ceiling tile systems. A composite acoustical material that combines a limp MLV noise barrier layer, with an absorber/decoupler to achieve much greater isolation than would be achieved with a layer of insulation alone.

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BlokAll Barrier® Ceiling Tile Cover Products


AMS® Model S 1-1

Features a flexible 1 lb/sq ft MLV (mass-loaded vinyl) noise barrier material, sandwiched between two layers of 1" fiberglass for maximum acoustical performance that is Class A flammability rated and can be used in any interior space.



AMS® Model S 1-1-1

Features a flexible 1 lb/sq ft loaded vinyl noise barrier sandwiched between two layers of 1” fiberglass for maximum acoustical performance with Class A flammability ratings for use in any building.


BlokAll® Ceiling Tile Cover

AMS® Light Fixture Covers

An oversized version of our AMS S 1-1 Barrier Ceiling Tile Cover that is manufactured with corner slits to conform to the shape of the convex light fixtures.