AMS® Acoustical Ceiling Baffles & Banners

AMS Acoustical Ceiling Baffles & Banners are the perfect acoustical solution to tame unwanted reverberation (echo) while improving speech intelligibility in large or small open ceiling spaces such as gymnasiums, church sanctuaries, open offices, or any other facility with open ceilings and exposed ducts.

AMS Acoustical Ceiling Baffles & Banners not only offer exceptional acoustical performance but are also one of our most economical acoustical solutions.

Our AMS Acoustical Ceiling Baffles & Banners are extremely lightweight, economical, and easy to install with fasteners as simple as heavy-duty zip ties. They are custom-made to order in endless sizes, thicknesses, facings, and colors.


*See datasheet for technical specifications and options.

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AMS® Baffle & Banner Products

SR-100 Ceiling Baffles in Gym

AMS® EconoLine Acoustical Ceiling Baffles

Our most economical acoustical baffles. They are stitched or heat-sealed with a PVC, Sailcloth, or acoustical fabric finish and hung via grommets. The AMS EconoLine Acoustical Ceiling Baffles are available in 1", 1 1/2", and 2" thicknesses, with the standard size being 2' x 4'. Custom sizes are also available up to 4' x 10'.

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r100 acoustical baffles

AMS® (Rigid) Acoustical Ceiling Baffles

The perfect acoustical solution for applications that require baffles with a squared edge and finished acoustical fabric face to match the design aspects of any space. AMS Rigid Acoustical Ceiling Baffles are custom-made to order and come in 1" and 2" thicknesses with a maximum size of 4' x 10'.

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acoustical ceiling banners

AMS® Acoustical Ceiling Banners

The ideal acoustical solution for large open spaces that require a large amount of sound absorption to tame unwanted reverberation (echo) at an economical price. AMS Acoustical Ceiling Banners are designed to be installed via grommets or stiffeners on the ends and drape horizontally with your ceiling, or they can be mounted flush to the ceiling deck. AMS Acoustical Ceiling Banners are stitched, or heat sealed with your choice of PVC vinyl, sailcloth, or fabric facings and are available in custom made-to-order sizes up to a maximum of 4' x 25' in size, and 1", 1 1/2", 2", and 4" thicknesses

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paintable acoustical ceiling panel

AMS® Paintable Acoustical Ceiling Baffles

AMS Paintable Acoustical Ceiling Baffles are the perfect acoustical solution for unwanted reverberation (echo) is present and a standard acoustical fabric finish is not desired due to aesthetics and design aspects of your space.  The acoustically transparent and paintable finish blends well with finished drywall to create a space absent of echo and reverberation. Rather than the textured aesthetic of fabric, AMS Paintable Panels provide an understated, more discreet acoustical finish within a space.

AMS® Paintable Acoustical Baffles have a white fiberglass facing attached to a 1" or 2" thick rigid fiberglass board and have exceptional sound absorption (NRC) ratings.

AMS® Paintable Acoustical Baffles are available in any size up to 4' x 10' since they are custom and made to order.

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