AMS® Wood Acoustical Panels

An architectural acoustics breakthrough! With AMS Wood Acoustical Panels you are getting an economical, gorgeous, easy-to-install, ready-to-ship product in 4 popular stains, that have very high NRC properties that will tame excessive reverberation (echo) in any space.

The AMS Wood Acoustical Panels are truly a unique and decorative acoustical panel at a low price point. Something unheard of in the acoustics industry.

The AMS Wood Acoustical Panels are 2’ Wide x 8’ Tall x 0.87” thick wood-veneered acoustical panels, with an acoustical core made from a 100% Polyester (PET) recyclable material.

*See Datasheet for acoustical properties.



  • Panel Size: 24'' x 96''
  • Thickness: 0.87''
  • Weight: 35lbs / Panel
  • Fire Rating: Class B per ASTM E-92-21a

Environmental Factors

  • PET is 100% recyclable
  • Low VOC emissions
  • ASTM - D51116
  • LEED - MRc4


  • Facing - Wood-veneered MDF board
  • Backing
    • 100% Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
    • 55% recycled content


  • Quick & easy installation
  • Application on walls or ceilings
  • Cut to size in the field
  • Built-in spacers
  • Easy to handle
  • Linear design
  • Choice of 4 woodgrain veneers

Veneer Options - Timber-Slats

Dark Oak veneer color for Timber Slats
Dark Oak
Light Oak veneer for Timber Slats
Light Oak
Grey Oak veneer for Timber Slats
Grey Oak
Walnut Veneer for Timber Slats

Installation Instructions