AMS Noise Barrier Acoustical Wall Panel

The AMS Noise Barrier Acoustical Wall Panel is the only acoustical panel on the market today designed to tame unwanted reverberation (echo) in-room but also help mitigate noise transfer between rooms (soundproof). The composite barrier/absorber acoustical panel offers both high NRC ratings for absorption and high STC ratings for noise-blocking performance.

The AMS Noise Barrier Acoustical Wall Panel is the only acoustical solution to help with speech privacy issues and noise transfer, providing clients with the confidence that confidential conversations will not be overheard, while improving speech intelligibility and treating in-room reverberation due to hard reflective surfaces.

AMS Noise Barrier Acoustical Wall Panels are constructed using 2 layers of high-density #6-7 PCF rigid fiberglass core, between a 1 lb. per square foot non-reinforced mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier.

AMS Sound Barrier Acoustical Wall Panels must be installed with impaling clips and construction adhesive.

*For best acoustical performance and a panel weight of 2.5 lb. per square foot, it is recommended panels be installed from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Floor molding can be re-installed after installation.


Guilford of Maine FR701 Style 2100 is the industry standard but unlike our competitors, Acoustic Material Supply also offers Burch Primetime as a standard option. Hundreds of approved decorative fabrics are also available from numerous manufacturers including, but not limited to: Burch, Guilford of Maine, Maharam, DesignTex and Knoll. Customers may also specify their own fabric, provided the material meets manufacturing requirements.

Select a fabric & order samples from one of our manufacturers:

Guilford of Maine
Knoll Textiles
Luna Textiles
Carnegie Fabrics


  • Corporate Offices
  • Conference Rooms
  • Doctor's Offices
  • Anywhere speech privacy is a concern


Panels are available in 1-1/8” and 2-1/8” thickness, with a maximum size up to 4’ x10’ and may be finished in custom, designer or C.O.M. fabric.