AMS High Abuse Acoustical Panel

The AMS High Abuse Acoustical Panel is manufactured specifically as a high-abuse sound absorber panel that offers both industry-leading sound absorption to tame unwanted reverberation (echo), but a higher level of durability than even our AMS High Impact Acoustical Panel. Applications for the AMS High Abuse Acoustical Panel include gymnasiums, schools, universities, correctional facilities, recreation centers, and any area where excess reverberation is present and abuse resistance is a requirement.

AMS High Abuse Acoustical Panels are constructed using a high-impact 1/16" thick perforated co-polymer underlayment laminated over a 1" or 2" thick 6-7 PCF fiberglass absorber core and available up to 4' x 10'.


CLASS A Fire-Rated



1-1/16” Thick - .95

2-1/16” Thick - 1.15


Guilford of Maine FR701 Style 2100 is the industry standard. Hundreds of approved decorative fabrics are also available from numerous manufacturers including, but not limited to: Guilford of Maine, Maharam, Design Tex and Knoll. Customers may also specify their own fabric, provided the material meets manufacturing requirements.

Select a fabric & order samples from one of our manufacturers:

Guilford of Maine
Knoll Textiles
Luna Textiles
Carnegie Fabrics


  • Health Clubs / Fitness Center
  • Entry Ways / Conference Rooms
  • Classrooms / Offices
  • Corridors


Panels are available in 1-1⁄16" and 2-1⁄16" thickness with sizes up to a maximum of 4' x 10'.

Fire Rating

All components shall have a Class A fire rating per ASTM E-84.


Rotofast™ Snap-on Acoustic Panel Anchors can be used for easy installation. Rotofast Snap-on Anchors are a fast and secure solution for fiberglass core acoustical panel installations on walls and ceilings. Rotofast Snap-on anchors reduce installation time, are easy to use and simple to teach others to use.