AMS® Black Acoustical Theater Board

AMS Black Acoustical Theater Board is made from lightweight, black-dyed acoustic fiberglass and finished with a matte black acoustical facing. AMS Black Acoustical Theater Board is an extremely affordable acoustical solution for taming unwanted reverberation (echo) due to hard reflective surfaces. An excellent acoustical material to use in ceilings or on walls when budget is a concern and black works!

AMS Black Acoustical Theater Board is a highly absorptive acoustical board that offers excellent performance at a low price point.

Available in 4' x 8' sheets in 1" and 2" thicknesses along with your choice of #3 and #6 high-density fiberglass variations. AMS Black Acoustical Theater Board can easily be cut in the field or custom cut at our factory for an added cost.

Acoustical Values

1" / #3 PCF Density - 0.70 NRC

2" / #3 PCF Density - 1.00 NRC

1" / #6 PCF Density - 0.70 NRC

2" / #6 PCF Density - 1.00 NRC

NOTE: #3 Density will allow for better low-frequency performance, and #6 Density (Most Popular) will allow for better high-frequency performance.


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  • Eliminate Unwanted Ceiling Boundary Reflections.
  • Control Excessive Room Reverberation.
  • Eliminate Slap-Echo Between Parallel Floor And Ceiling Surfaces.
  • Improve Signal-To-Noise Ratio For Listening, Recording, And Conversation.

Easy Installation

  • Easily Cut To Size With A Utility Knife Or Shears.
  • Rigid Board, Installs In A Standard Drop Ceiling Grids.
  • Low-Cost.


Residential and Commercial –any space where reverberation or reflected noise are an issue.

  • Home Theaters, Media Rooms.
  • Recording & Broadcast Studios.
  • Clubs, Restaurants, Entertainment Facilities.
  • Theaters & Performing Arts Spaces.
  • Can Be Used To Reduce Light Reflection Within A Room.